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Data Tabulation
Data tabulation refers to generating tables from data (collected in a survey, for example) after it has been validated and analyzed. This helps researchers and businesses to interpret survey results, or any other data.

Capital Typing has extensive experiencing handling hundreds of data tabulation projects for clients across the globe every year. Our data analysts have expertise using data tabulation tools such as Quantum, SPSS, SPSS Dimensions, Wincross and others. These applications support all tabulation requirements from cross tabulation, generating pivot tables to complex weighting. We can provide all your tabulation services, from simple to large-scale multi-country, multi-wave data collected in different file formats.

By outsourcing your data tabulation needs to Capital Typing, you can free valuable resources from a rather time consuming process which requires uncompromising attention to detail.

Our data processing professionals will create tabulations for analysis from physical documents such as mail or onsite surveys, or from respondent data collected over the phone or online.

Depending on client requirements, our Cross-Tabulation Reports may include:

  • Table of Contents
  • Banner tables (including labeling, flexible basing and statistics)
  • Volumetric and Sigma bases
  • Up to 20 columns per Banner
  • Descriptive Statistics (Mean, Median, Standard Error, Standard deviation, Mode)
  • Minimum and Maximum values
  • Data Weighting
  • Vertical and/or Horizontal percentages
  • Rankings
  • Selection of statistical testing (T-Test/Chi-Square, ANOVA …)
  • Customized formatting options for final output (Word, Excel or PowerPoint)

Reports are delivered as hard copy or are e-mailed immediately as files (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.)

Some of the benefits of entrusting data tabulation requirements to Capital Typing are:

  • All data tabulation is cross-referenced and quality checked (quality control is an integral part of our processes and procedures).
  • We are flexible enough to work with your schedule and meet your delivery time needs.
  •  No matter how many changes and/or corrections to the tables or the specifications, our rates remain unchanged.

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