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General Transcription

Capital Typing is a leading provider of outsourced transcription and dictation services in the U.S. We offer a complete range of general transcription, dictation and typing services individually tailored to satisfy the requirements of each of our clients. Whether you are a multinational corporation, an SME, a professional or a private individual, the hand-picked professional transcriptionists at Capital Typing make sure you receive the personalized care and attention you deserve.


Although General Transcription is sometimes divided into four main specialties (Business Transcription, Legal Transcription, Academic Transcription and Media Transcription), it can include any field of transcription (besides medical) that requires either audio or video recordings to be converted into text.


We provide General Transcription services to a wide range of industries, and have covered many topics, including


  • Interview Transcription (including Oral History interviews)
  • Conference and Meeting Transcription (including teleconferences and conference calls)
  • Lecture and Speech Transcription
  • Webcast and Podcast Transcription
  • Media Transcription (Television and radio shows, captioning services), and much more


At Capital Typing, we complete transcription projects accurately, according to individual clients’ specific instructions. We do not depend on transcription software (Voice Recognition Software), but on a team of certified transcriptionists who will listen to your instructions and transcribe your audio and video-recorded material into text copy formatted according to your specifications.  Because we have access to cutting-edge transcription technology, we are able to transcribe all kinds of recorded material – from basic analog audio tape dictation to digital transcription of recordings in almost all digital formats (.dss, .wav, .mp3). Naturally, we also provide Cassette Transcription Services, Video Tape and Digital Video Transcriptions.


By entrusting your general transcription services to Capital Typing, you will benefit from:


  • Superior quality transcription, with a 99% accuracy rate guarantee
  • Quick transcription turnaround time
  • Extensive knowledge and years of experience in the transcription field
  • Customer-specific transcription and dictation services
  • State-of-the-art high tech software to complete transcription and dictation assignments
  • Guaranteed security and confidentiality of all recorded material and transcripts; our transcriptionists are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and we use 128-bit encryption, disk wiping utilities, encrypted hard disks, firewalls, and ultra-secure passwords for all file transfers.


Capital Typing’s Transcription Service department has been delivering superior quality General Transcription, customer service and value for many years. We enjoy a well-deserved sterling reputation in the industry. Contact us today and obtain an instant free quote for your General Transcription project. Learn about our fast and flexible transcription turnaround time and our transparent and cost-effective pricing system.



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