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Medical Transcription

The medical transcription field may well be the greatest beneficiary of outsourced transcription services. It is the service most often provided by transcription service providers across the world.


Medical transcriptionists listen to dictation recordings by doctors and healthcare practitioners, and convert them into medical reports, medical correspondence, discharge papers, autopsy reports, etc. A medical transcriptionist, unlike a general transcriptionist, must understand medical terminology and be able to decipher medical abbreviations. There are as many medical transcription services as there are medical specialties and medical documents: radiology transcription, microbiology transcription, pathology transcription, cardiology transcription, medical review transcription, H&P reports transcription, surgery notes transcription, lab reports transcription, etc.


Capital Typing is a leading provider of outsourced medical transcription and dictation services in the U.S. and our medical transcription team offers many years of industry experience.  We have some of the brightest medical transcription editors in the industry on our staff. Our certified and experienced medical transcriptionists understand both the terminology specific to each area of medicine (surgery transcription, oncology transcription, pediatrics transcription, geriatrics transcription, dentistry transcription …) and the specific formats required for various types of medical documents.


Evolving medical transcription software programs are valuable tools when used by skilled medical transcriptionists. At Capital Typing, we have access to state-of-the-art transcription software and latest technological innovations – but we never rely solely on medical transcription software in completing medical transcription projects. We know that only human medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors can ensure quality control of medical transcripts, dictation and typing.


Capital Typing’s Medical transcription services include:


Alternative Medicine

Acupuncturists and Acupuncture Centers
Holistic Care Transcription
Osteopath Transcription
Naturopathic Medicine Transcription
Chiropractic Transcription



Addiction Psychiatry Transcription
Child / Adolescent Psychology Transcription
Forensic Psychiatry Transcription
Geriatric Psychiatry Transcription
Psychiatry Transcription
Addiction Medicine Transcription


Clinical Medicine

Anesthesiology Transcription
Dentistry Transcription
Dermatology Transcription
Family Practice Transcription
Neurology Transcription
Obstetrics and Gynecology Transcription
Obstetrics Transcription
Gynecology Transcription
Radiation Oncology Transcription
Radiology Transcription
Neonatology Transcription
Child / Adolescent Psychology Transcription
Palliative Care Transcription
Ophthalmology Transcription
Allergy and Sleep Medicine Transcription
Pediatrics Transcription
Infectious Diseases Transcription
Adolescent Medicine Transcription
Gynecologic Oncology Transcription


Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine Transcription



Biostatistics and Biostatisticians
Critical Care Transcription
Emergency Room Transcription
Immunology Transcription
Geriatrics Transcription
Hospital Medicine Transcription
Interdisciplinary Medicine Transcription
Neuroscience and Neuroscientists
Preventive Medicine Transcription
Urgent Care Transcription
Children's Hospital
Wellness, Fitness & Weight Loss (Bariatric Transcription)
Medical Review Transcription
Occupational Medicine Transcription
Nursing Transcription




Basic Medicine

Anatomy and Anatomists
Biochemistry Transcription
Cytology and Cytologists
Embryology and Embryologists
Epidemiology and Epidemiologists
Histology Transcription
Microbiology Transcription
Nutrition and Diatetics Transcription
Pathology Transcription
Pharmacology Transcription
Toxicology Transcription


Surgical Medicine

General Surgery Transcription
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Transcription
Neurosurgery Transcription
Orthopedics Transcription
Otolaryngology Transcription
Plastic Surgery Transcription
Sports Medicine Transcription
Vascular Transcription
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Transcription
Surgery Transcription
Colon and Rectal Surgery Transcription
Podiatry Transcription


Internal Medicine

Cardiology Transcription
Critical Care Transcription
Endocrinology Transcription
Gastroenterology Transcription
Genetics and Geneticists
Hepatology Transcription
Urology Transcription
Nephrology Transcription
Oncology Transcription
Pulmonary Transcription
Rheumatology Transcription
Hematology Transcription
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
Internal Medicine Transcription
Interventional Cardiology Transcription
Diagnostic Medicine

Clinical Chemistry Transcription
Clinical Immunology Transcription
Clinical Laboratory Transcription
Clinical Microbiology Transcription
Interventional Radiology Transcription
Nuclear Medicine Transcription
Transfusiology Transcription 


 Physical Medicine

Physical Therapy Transcription
Rehabilitation Medicine Transcription
Physical Medicine and Rehab Transcription
Occupational Therapy Transcription
Pain Management Transcription
Behavioral Medicine Transcription


Some of the benefits you will get by outsourcing your medical transcription requirements to Capital Typing:


  • Many of our medical transcriptionists are specialized in specific branches of medicine (radiology transcription, pediatrics transcription, pulmonary reports transcription, MRI report transcription, MRA report transcription, cardiology transcription, etc.)
  • Our medical transcripts are reviewed by MT supervisors prior to finalization to ensure that they meet the quality goals recommended by the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT), namely: 100% accuracy with respect to critical errors; 98% accuracy with respect to major errors; and 98% accuracy with respect to total errors in the final transcript or medical report.
  • While our medical transcription staff has full access to state-of-the-art transcription technologies and use it to ensure fast turnaround, we do not rely on automated transcription software.
  • We provide round-the-clock customer service, and our customer service agents are regularly screened and closely supervised.
  • As an online transcription company, we use Internet-enabled technology and toll-free dictation services for virtual delivery and access of data and secure file transfer. All the work is done using 128-bit encryption, disk wiping utilities, encrypted hard disks, firewalls, and ultra-secure passwords.


Capital Typing delivers outstanding medical dictation and transcription services – at value prices. Contact us today.



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