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Survey and Questionnaire Forms

At Capital Typing, we know that presenting the right information in the right way will benefit your organization. Identifying problems and their underlying causes, recognizing trends or simply confirming beliefs will allow you to make the right decisions – for today and for the future. While surveys and other response forms are invaluable tools to this end, today’s fast paced business environment where time is valuable often leads companies and organizations to outsource non-mission critical tasks and services such as survey and questionnaire form data entry.


Capital Typing’s state-of-the-art data entry system allows us to develop applications and provide services extremely quickly. We employ proven, cost-effective methods and approaches that give consistent and accurate results in all types of data entry projects, including data entry for surveys and questionnaire forms.


We provide survey online and offline data entry services (entering data into a computerized database or spreadsheet) to numerous clients across the nation and in locations abroad, and we find that, in many cases, manual key entry is the most effective way to collect data from surveys. Our professional survey data entry operators are highly skilled and experienced, and we offer guaranteed accuracy rates.


Highly-skilled professionals and state-of-the-art technology are also employed to handle all our questionnaire form data entry services. Naturally, we can handle structured (formatted forms in tabular/column designs with boxes to fill in details) and non-structured versions (survey questionnaires or survey forms) of forms processing.


Our survey and questionnaire form data entry services include:


  • Insurance forms and claims, etc.
  • Finance – loan and credit applications, leasing documents, signature cards
  • Tax forms
  • Government forms and surveys
  • Healthcare forms and questionnaires (enrollment, claims, updates …)
  • Retail forms (order forms, accounts payable/receivable, customer satisfaction surveys …)
  • Manufacturing questionnaire forms and surveys (order forms, shipping forms, product registration forms, surveys …)
  • Credit card forms
  • All kinds of application forms


We can deliver data in various database formats such as Excel, Access, SPSS/SAS, Word, PDF, CSV, XML, ASCII, DBF formats, Mainframe/EBCDIC formats, and we also have the ability to develop customized formats that integrate with your existing hardware and software.


Capital Typing implements a stringent privacy policy that is designed to ensure foolproof security and confidentiality of client data. Data output is delivered using secure FTP, e-mail, CD, DVD, VPN or even as tape backup. We can do data entry for surveys and questionnaire forms in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Contact us now.


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