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Outsourcing Transcription can’t get any better than this! Before expanding to Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting, Capital Typing actually began as a Transcription Company, and we’re still the best, with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. When a client outsources Transcription and Dictation Services to Capital Typing this is what to expect:

An Unbeatable Quality Guarantee – 99% word for word accuracy on all our Transcription projects, guaranteed, or you don’t pay. Every project completed on time, every time, or it’s on the house. That’s confidence, and it makes for a great client experience. We use a triple-pass accuracy system, where each transcript is typed out by a professional transcriptionist who proofreads the transcript before sending it to a supervisor for a final quality check. The supervisor then listens to the audio from start to finish, making sure that there are no errors or omissions. This system is what makes our product so exceptional.
Convenience – Capital Typing can transcribe from just about every type of audio or video input that exists, including digital and analog sources. Most of our clients require digital Transcription, and for this we have an easy to use FTP upload page. We also have a great feature that allows our clients to record memos, phone calls and conference calls using only a touchtone phone. You can record a memo while driving your car, and a completed transcript will be waiting in your inbox by the time you reach the office!
Great Value – Our rates are the most competitive of any American Company, and better than most offshore outsourcing Companies too! Affordable Transcription Services, combined with unrivaled dependability, make for an excellent value that you won’t find elsewhere.

Whatever your Transcription needs, our Transcriptionist Services will meet and surpass your expectations. We are experts in all types of Transcription:

Medical Dictation Services – Our Medical Transcribers have years of experience transcribing Medical Interviews, Physician audio notes, Medical Conferences, and more. A Medical Transcription Services provider of our caliber is rare.
Legal Transcription Services – Transcription for Legal professionals requires the strictest attention to detail, since a word misplaced can make a vital difference. For Legal Transcription, as with every Transcription project, we pay attention to every word, and make sure it is done right.
University Transcription Services – Students and Faculty from campuses around the world are making more use of Transcription Services. This can be a great resource for writing papers, doing research, or taking notes at lectures or conferences.
Interview Transcription Services and Focus Group Transcription.
Earnings Call Transcription and Corporate Transcription Services – This type of Transcription Service requires familiarity with business language and terminology. We have a specially trained team that specializes in this area. We also have a great research team to find the names of any companies and products that are mentioned, as these names are vital to the meaning of what is said in the audio we transcribe.
Transcription for Deaf and Hearing Impaired – Capital Typing is proud to be able to contribute to helping make life better for the deaf and hearing-impaired. This includes Transcription of political speeches, conferences, sermons and other important events, as well as Closed Caption Transcription Services.

Call us today for more information, or use the quote button at the top of the screen to send a quote request. An agent will be happy to discuss your needs with you, to come to the best solution.