Allergy and Sleep Medicine Transcription

Capital Typing is a top-quality medical transcription service provider based in the United States. Allergy and sleep medicine transcription service is one of our best outsourcing solutions. We have a team of highly-efficient experts in allergy and sleep medicine transcription, who are well versed in the terminology of sleep disorders and their treatments.

We are totally committed to ensure highest-quality standards and to understand changing customer needs. Being a professional allergy and sleep medicine transcription company, we deliver the following advantages:

– Using our latest infrastructure facilities, we are able to offer a number of dictation options, either from a computer dictation system or from digital providers or through our dial-in dictation service using our phone recording system.
– We return the reports to our clients through browser-based transfer of files, FTP or by e-mail systems.
– All our transcription services are compliant with national standards (HIPAA and AHDI), EMR ready and are secured with 256-bit AES encryption software.
– Our latest dictation software includes Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary along with the entire range of Stedman’s books and American Drug Index.
– We offer complete quality assurance using our triple-pass accuracy system.
– Physicians can listen and modify dictations online.

An allergy is an immune reaction of the body where a person is hypersensitized and develops IgE-type antibodies to typical proteins. These substances produced are known as allergens. Allergy has become a very common disorder and more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergic diseases. Allergies cost the health care system $18 billion annually and it is the 6th leading cause of chronic disease in the United States. Sleep is no less important than food, drink, or safety in our lives. Although this may seem apparent, many of us actually do not realize the importance of sleep. Allergy and sleep are linked. Allergy symptoms or the medication to treat them can keep you awake.

At Capital Typing, we offer the best allergy and sleep medicine transcription services to many sleep centers, health care facilities, hospitals, physicians’ groups, and individual practitioners. We always safeguard the privacy and personal health information of the patients and the transcribed documents are of excellent quality. We make an effort to deliver reports accurately and quickly in two to 24 hours’ time frame. All the transcribed reports come under a triple-pass system to ensure 99% accuracy of the documents. We also provide online and offline allergy and sleep medicine transcription.

If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail or call us for further clarifications at our toll free number 1 (800) 784-9402. You can also use our free quotation service to get a quote.

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