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Common Email Response Errors

One element of customer service is email response. It is a very effective customer service tool if handled correctly and efficiently. If email response is not handled properly, it will backfire and become bad customer service. Major email response errors to avoid include:

Delayed email response
No email response
One-size-fits-all responses (these are usually machine-generated avalanches of general information that do not address the customer / client’s specific question or complaint).
Adequate problem resolution, but no heed paid to the customer satisfaction factor (discourteous or careless attitude)
Incorrect spelling and grammar (an example of poor customer service is to decide that emails need not be linguistically correct)

Businesses should not measure the quality of their email response customer service by the number of emails answered, but rather by the quality of the answers provided.

One reason why email response is sometimes so poor is that the organization does not have a sufficient number of customer service employees to provide this service. Another reason could be a lack of customer care training. A popular business website can receive hundreds or even thousands of emails a day. Handling email response therefore needs a large, dedicated and properly trained staff of customer service representatives. In addition to its role as a customer support service, email response provides an opportunity to market your firm’s products, services and, above all, its image and reputation.

At Capital Typing, we can help you to upgrade your firm’s image and retain, or increase your customer / client base. Contact our Online Customer Support Service department today. Our professional customer support consultants will be pleased to advise you on the handling of your email response service.

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