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Customer Surveys

The aim of businesses and all other organizations that are customer-centered is to realize total customer satisfaction and best customer service. Before spending the time, resources and effort needed to develop your business’s customer care strategy, you need to have a very clear idea of what it is your clients or customers expect or need from your customer support service. To improve customer satisfaction, it is necessary to conduct customer service surveys to measure what your customers care about. Customer service satisfaction surveys will provide specific feedback on customer satisfaction levels; give objective information on customer support requirements; and provide a yardstick for measuring customer satisfaction.

Among the many types of customer surveys are:

Random Customer Surveys;
Lost Account Surveys;
Target Account Surveys
Customer Exit Surveys, etc.

The most common customer survey is the Random Customer Survey, which measures overall customer satisfaction on a range of levels. Random customer satisfaction surveys are usually done by phone or email, and a randomly selected percentage of a business’s customers are surveyed. Other means of obtaining feedback on customer satisfaction are:

Customer Focus Groups
Suggestion Boxes
Customer Evaluation Forms
Customer Support Hotlines
Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys

When properly conducted, customer surveys are a great tool for enhancing customer satisfaction. Good customer service surveys require the expertise of outside consultants or customer satisfaction research firms. Customer service outsourcing is often the answer. More and more successful businesses are hiring customer service consultants to design and undertake their customer satisfaction research projects, including customer service satisfaction surveys.

Capital Typing’s Online Customer Support Services department is well positioned to provide your business with the personalized customer support solutions it needs. Our professional customer service managers and customer service representatives have the customer service training and skills to design and conduct offline and online customer service surveys that will serve as an invaluable base to improve customer satisfaction levels. They will help you to determine which medium to use (email, website, focus group …), select the customers to survey, write the customer survey, test the survey, and analyze the data obtained. Remember, it is better to know the inadequacies of your customer support service than to simply assume you are serving your customer well.

Call Capital Typing today. We are a nationally renowned outsourcing company offering an integrated range of Office Support Solutions. Please also continue to browse through our website and discover the many ways in which we can be of service to your business.

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