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Data Entry – Mailing Lists

An up-to-date mailing list is priceless. Capital Typing can get you the most accurate data at the lowest price, but more than that, we will consult with you to help you decide which data is the best for you. Marketing is about getting the clients and customers who need your products and services to find out about you, and that is why you need the best advice when it comes to how to market. Many people have wasted a lot of time and energy chasing down the wrong type of customer or client, and walk away disillusioned with the prospect of marketing, just because they received poor advice.

Outsourcing Data Entry to Capital Typing means that you get not only the best service, but also quality advice about how to market your Company. Which email list, direct mail list, or other list is right for you; what information do you need; who are the competitors on which you should be conducting market research? These are the questions we can help you answer, which will direct our Data Entry work.

Remember, with Capital Typing you will never spend more than the absolute minimum to get a job done. Our Data Entry department will discuss your needs with you, and come up with the best plan to save you money and get the job done right. We use state of the art software, combined with manual Data Entry, to achieve optimal efficiency for every project.

Thank you for visiting our site. While you are here, please use the “email this page” option at the top of your screen to tell a friend or two about our Company. They will be glad you did. Please also continue to browse our site to learn about the other services we offer, always the best value at the lowest prices; we also offer Transcription Services; Secretarial Services and Office Administration; Online Customer Support; and Language Translation.

Thanks for choosing Capital Typing.

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