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Freelance Data Entry Employment

The growing number of home PCs and the widespread use of the internet have increased the number of data entry clerks looking for online data entry work. The internet is full of websites advertizing work from home data entry jobs, and they all sound very attractive to data entry operators.  The truth is that very few work-from-home data entry job opportunities advertized on the internet are real. These “amazing” remote data entry opportunities are often a form of fraud, offering false online data entry opportunities. Typically, scammers’ websites will require data entry persons looking for home-based data entry positions to register on the website and pay registration fees before gaining access to data entry jobs from home.  In most cases, the freelance data entry clerk will never see his / her money again – and probably never obtain a single data entry job. Even worse, by paying online, the data entry clerk will have provided his / her credit card information to the website. In addition, the registration procedure requires the data entry job seeker to give out personal information that can be used for illegal purposes.

Legitimate work-from-home data entry jobs (internet data entry) do exist, but freelance data entry clerks and skilled data typers must use extreme caution, and attempt to research the websites offering online data entry opportunities. Legitimate online data entry opportunities are usually free data entry positions that require no payment of fees.

Many employers have come to realize that outsourcing their data entry and market research requirements is profitable for their businesses. Businesses can benefit from work-at-home data entry because outsourcing data entry jobs will allow them to save on maintenance costs and to employ a larger number of data operators. Some studies have shown that work-from-home data entry clerks are actually more productive than on-site data entry personnel.

The best way for a data entry operator (medical data entry clerk, offshore data entry person, data conversion specialist, entry level data entry clerk …) to find a legitimate data entry job is to join a network that connects data entry outsourcing companies to prospective data entry clerks. This is because the trend to outsource data entry and data processing work means that serious businesses are seeking out reliable outsourcing data entry companies that offer online quality data entry and data management services at affordable prices and fast turnaround rates.

Capital Typing is one of the leading outsourcing companies in the U.S. providing a complete range of office support solutions, including Data Entry and Market Research Services. The company’s Data Entry Services and Market Research Department employs a large number of well-trained and rigorously tested work-at-home data entry clerks. Contact us today.

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