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How Useful a Tool is Transcription Software?

Some transcription companies, businesses and hospitals who depend heavily on transcription services (medical record transcription, medical dictation transcription, academic transcription, corporate transcription, legal transcription, insurance transcription, media transcription, to name only a few) have started using Voice recognition software (VRS), computer software that transcribes digital voice recordings without the need for typing and dictation services or transcriptionists.

Their reasoning behind choosing to replace traditional on-site transcription staff with transcription software is that the turnaround time for transcribing using VRS is shorter than for the traditional process of transcription and dictation, and that it is less expensive to acquire this transcription software than to train and pay on-site professional transcriptionists.

It is true that VRS has improved steadily over the past two decades, and the most recent versions of this transcription software claim to be nearly as accurate as traditional dictation and transcription services.

The key word here is “nearly”. Nearly is not good enough. Nearly doesn’t warrant replacing human transcriptionists with transcription software. That is our belief at Capital Typing. We are a transcription company that doesn’t believe in delivering anything less than 99% accurate transcription, dictation and typing services.

The two major problems connected with this type of transcription software are:

Changing speech patterns, different accents and non-verbal noises that commonly exist in the dictation process and in multiple voice scenarios (conference transcription and multiple speaker interview transcription, for example) seriously affect the functioning of VRS;
Even if it has evolved, this transcription software is still far from efficient and is in no way reliable;

At Capital Typing, we believe that there will always be a need for human transcribers to ensure quality control of transcripts, dictation and typing services. We are convinced that only with the continued support of expert (human) professional transcriptionists to manage the process of transcription, can we honor our 99% word for word accuracy guarantee on all our transcripts.

Transcription software is certainly going to become more sophisticated, and it may even eventually replace certain subsets of the process of transcription. Until then, Capital Typing will continue to rely on its expert staff of human transcriptionists to provide its clients with the premium quality accurate transcription and dictation services they have come to expect.

Your business deserves the best quality transcription and dictation services. Think twice before you entrust these vital components of your business to transcription companies who will compromise the quality of your product, touting the wonders of new technology in an effort to save on hiring professional transcriptionists.

At Capital Typing, some of the best human transcriptionists, dictation and typing staff in the country will be happy to serve your needs – in person. So if you are considering outsourcing transcription work, contact Capital Typing today to discuss a solution to your transcription and dictation needs.

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