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Is Online Automated Translation a Reliable Tool?

Machine translation, which includes automated online translation, hand-held translators and translation software, is certainly cheaper and faster than professional, human translation services. Online translation provides a variety of free translation services: document translation, website translation, and translation of individual words or phrases.

The reliability or usefulness of online translator programs depends on the user’s translation needs. If the user of an online translation service is simply looking for a very general translation of the gist of the words, online translation may satisfy his or her needs. Since automatic translation is always a literal (word for word) translation, users of internet translation services often need to decipher the meaning of the translated text. Automatic online translation is available in many different foreign languages.

The truth is that languages are complex. A language is not the sum total of the literal translations of its words. To produce meaningful translations, translators need to understand the vocabulary, context, grammar and nuances of the Target Language. That’s why, however much the technology evolves, online translation will never be a reliable tool for anyone in search of a dependable, accurate, professional translation. This is especially true as regards technical translation needs (legal translation, medical translation etc).

In addition to the excessively literal translation of words and terms, one of the drawbacks of online machine translation is its inability to make use of the context in choosing the correct translation of a word with several meanings. Machine translation services also commonly produce grammatically incorrect translations that render the meaning incomprehensible in the Target Language. It is also common for them to produce a translated text where the word order follows that of the Source Language–completely altering the meaning.

To meet your foreign language translation needs, you need the services of professional translators. Capital Typing is a translation service provider that offers executive-level language translation services, including translation from French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Portuguese. Our professional translators are selected according to their command of the Target Language as well as for their know-how in technical translation (business translation, medical translation, legal translation etc.). Unlike some translation companies, we only use professional human translators for all our translations.

In addition to our Language Translation Services department, Capital Typing offers a wide range of Office Support Solutions. In collaboration with our other departments, our Language Translation Services department can be a powerful tool in assisting your organization to expand in scale and scope. For example, we provide transcription services in all major languages–something automated online translation programs will never be able to accomplish.

Contact Capital Typing today. Our Customer Support Representatives will be happy to advise you on all your professional translation needs.

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