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Language Transcription and Transcript Translation Services

Capital Typing is a nationally acclaimed multifaceted outsource company that offers language translation and interpretation services as part of a comprehensive array of office support solutions, including transcription services. Our Language Translation department employs a team of professional, specialized translators who can translate to and from most spoken languages (Arabic translation, German translation, French translation, Spanish translation, Portuguese translation …). Our Transcription Services department has a capacity and versatility that is unrivaled. Working together, our professional transcriptionists and our skilled translation service providers are able to offer a unique service to our customers.

By pooling their expertise, the staff at Capital Typing can provide expert transcription services in languages other than English. Since our professional translators are required to be proficient in their Source Language as well as in the Target Language they translate into, they have the ability to write down the recorded material in the original language, and then translate the text into the Target Language required by the client. Foreign language transcriptions are subjected to the same Triple-Pass accuracy check system as English language transcriptions.

Clients who require non-English language transcription services (law transcription, court dictation, legal depositions in native languages etc) will often also need a translation of the foreign language transcript into English (for submission to government agencies or courts, for example).

The professional translators at Capital Typing’s Language Translation Services department can translate transcripts from Arabic to English, French to English, Spanish to English, Portuguese to English etc. as well as foreign language translations of English language transcripts. We can also provide translations among different foreign languages as needed.

Contact us today and discover how our translations services, together with the complete range of outsourcing office support solutions we provide, can meet all your language needs. At Capital Typing, we are much more than a simple translation company.

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