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Telephone Dictation Services and E-Mailing Audio Dictation

Telephone dictation facilities are one of the services provided by dictation and transcription companies. This service makes dictation from remote locations simple and easy to use, 24 x 7. The client simply needs a touch-tone phone to make recordings of dictations, free of charge. Capital Typing has an exclusive voice recorder system that allows its clients to record all their transcription needs (corporate transcriptions, conference transcriptions, meeting transcriptions, interview transcriptions) from wherever they may happen to be. The recorded material is thus instantly available for transcription by the professional transcription staff at Capital Typing, and the client need not worry about transporting recorded tapes for transcription.

For legal transcription, dictation and typing services and for medical transcription and typing services, as well as for financial transcription services, it is now possible for digital dictation to be recorded on hand-held, portable devices and emailed directly to transcription companies to be typed, transcribed and / or edited – doing away with the need for traditional analogue audio based dictation.

Traditional analogue audio tapes are easily damaged, need storage space and require time and expense to be mailed to dictation or transcription service providers. Digitally stored information, on the other hand, is emailed to transcriptionists.

Capital Typing has a proven track record as a reliable transcription outsourcing company, and we have the latest digital software and technology, enabling us to use your emailed digital recordings to provide all your dictation and transcription needs at competitive prices.Capital Typing clients enjoy complementary membership in the EZ-Taxx phone recording system, which allows them to instantaneously send their recordings to the Company’s typing and transcription service. Transcripts of conferences and telephone conversations recorded or dictated in this manner can be indispensable to your business’s well-being.

Capital Typing has resolved any security issues associated with online transcription by uploading files to secure websites. Clients send us their sound files online, and we will deliver the completed transcripts via FTP, True Share, secure email, and, of course, courier, fax or regular mail.

Remote dictation and outsourced transcription are fast becoming necessary tools for businesses, professionals and individuals. Contact Capital Typing and discover our quality dictation and transcription services. See for yourself why our affordable transcription services are attracting more and more clients nation-wide and abroad.

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