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Why Opt for Outsourced Transcription?

Outsourcing transcription services is an ideal way to handle transcription, dictation and typing needs while minimizing service costs, capital expenditures, and turnaround time.

Online outsourcing means that transcriptionists no longer need to be on-site, or even in proximity to, the businesses employing their services. The best outsourcing transcription companies provide online dictation and transcription services (including digital audio transcription, cassette transcriptions, all varieties of hospital transcription, legal transcription, corporate transcription, media transcription etc.). And a well-equipped outsource transcription company is able to take advantage of time zone differences and, in some cases, lower labor costs, to deliver low cost transcription services and dictation at extremely high turnaround rates.

By outsourcing transcription services to Capital Typing, you will get the following advantages:

Technical and functional superiority over your competitors – without any capital investment;

Minimization of on-site transcription staff related expenses;

Elimination of expenses associated with the physical maintenance of office space for transcription services;

Minimization of costs related to the acquisition of transcription software (and training on-site transcriptionists to use it);

Improved time-zone advantage for the completion of transcription services;

Online access to status reports, transcription and dictation retrieval;

Security of transcripts and voice recordings (secure data transmission and secure FTP access);

Accurate transcripts – at Capital Typing we guarantee 99% accuracy, thanks to our Triple-Pass Accuracy Check System. Outsourcing your transcription and dictation needs to our transcription company does not mean you are handing them over to digital transcribers. Real people (professional transcribers with extensive experience in corporate transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription, media transcription, dictation, conference transcription, academic transcription, and more) produce our transcripts;

Most important, outsourcing transcription to a reliable, low-cost transcription company like Capital Typing will give you the time to focus on your principal field of competence, thus enhancing your business’s productivity.

Outsourcing your dictation and transcription requirements to Capital Typing is, without a doubt, the answer to your transcription and dictation needs. We employ trained, skilled professional transcriptionists from all over the U.S., and direct a group of partners from around the nation. Our clients benefit from the most efficient, accurate transcription service offered by any transcription company nation-wide.

By handling all your transcription, dictation and typing service needs, we can actually transform your operation. Contact us today. You’ll be thankful you did!

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