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Data Entry Services and Market Research

We live in the information age; and good, reliable information is vital to the ability to make correct decisions. Capital Typing offers unparalleled Research Services, including marketing research. In addition to this, we have a large staff trained in the most advanced data extraction and database development techniques, using manual as well as script-based systems.

What distinguishes our Data Entry and Market Research Outsourcing Services is versatility. No two projects that come to our office are treated the same. We first analyze the needs of our client, and then we develop a unique strategy that will get the best results at the lowest cost. Most Data Entry Companies specialize either in manual data entry or software development, and this specialization limits their ability to find the most efficient approaches. Manual Data Entry Specialists will always overcharge because they do manually what could be more easily done with software, and likewise software companies usually lack the workforce to do manual Data Entry. The best solution is usually a combination of manual Data Entry with specially designed scripts, and can only be developed by someone who understands the roles of both methods. At Capital Typing we will not try to sell you on a plan that is inefficient. We will always design the best strategy.

What’s more, through offshore outsourcing, we are able to perform the simpler tasks of manual data entry at unbeatably low cost, which is always passed on to you, our client. Offshore Data Entry Clerks, who have been trained extensively, and whose expertise has been proved through rigorous testing, work under the management of our US based administrative center.
There are several key points to note, which clearly demonstrate why Capital Typing is fast becoming a national leader in outsourcing services, and why you should trust your Data Entry and Market Research projects to no-one else:
Accuracy and Reliability – We stake our reputation on excellent results. Quality of information is everything, and we do what it takes to make sure that our production is virtually error-proof. Our double-blind system of supervision of manual Data Entry and rigorous testing of all scripts used in our production make for the most reliable results in the industry.

Capacity – For manual Data Entry Services we maintain a staff of over 25 offshore outsourcing specialists. This means that we are able to perform large projects that our competitors cannot, and for this reason, we are a more reliable business partner, especially for large firms, or large projects.

Efficient Organization – Data Entry Services are not just repetitive, mindless tasks. There is a vital planning element, which requires extensive training, and understanding of organizational logistics of projects. We have saved clients thousands of dollars, and as much as 50% of the estimated budget of a project, just by better planning, and designs that are more efficient! It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of this point. Accuracy and reliable results are essential, but efficiency is just as important. Other Companies will not take the time to analyze the best approach, because they do not have the training and experience of our project managers. Ask our competitors for a quote, then try us out, and you will see a big difference.

For fast, inexpensive marketing mailing lists, email lists, direct mailing lists, and phone number lists, give us a call today, or use the Quick Quote tool at the upper right hand of your screen to request a quote. An agent will be glad to assist with any questions you may have.

Please also continue to browse our website to learn more about how Outsourcing Services from Capital Typing can help your operation run more smoothly. In addition to Data Entry Services, we offer Secretarial Services and Administrative Support, Transcription, Customer Support and Language Translation Service. Apply the benefits of outsourcing today, and cut costs while improving efficiency, and gaining peace of mind.

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