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The Virtual Assistant Business

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant increases productivity, reduces costs and saves time. Virtual Assistants perform the same duties as secretaries, Personal Assistants (PAs) and Office Administrators, and the Virtual Assistant business has been growing rapidly for over a decade now. The difference between regular personal assistants, personal secretaries, office assistants or office administrators and Virtual Assistants is simply that Virtual assistants complete your projects or tasks off-site, using their own equipment and emails, telephones, faxes or regular postal services.

Whether you need occasional or ongoing office support assistance, outsourcing secretarial services, administrative services, office management services, etc. can save you money and time. The benefits of outsourcing office services to qualified Virtual Assistants are obvious:

– You only pay for actual time worked

– No wear and tear on office equipment, and no need to spend capital for purchasing equipment

– No employment insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, retirement plans, etc.

– No training costs since Virtual Assistants are already qualified.

– No office maintenance expenses

– Optimum quality: Virtual Assistants value all their clients since it is the satisfaction of these clients that ensures the success of their businesses

– Improved output from in-house employees. Naturally, every business or company has in-house employees that it relies upon. Virtual assistants can help you maximize the output of such employees by handling some of their less-important duties.

There is a prevalent misconception that the primary client base of the Virtual Assistant business are small and medium sized businesses who need office support services, yet are not in a position to hire full-time personal assistants and office support personnel. The fact is that nearly every type of business can benefit from using Virtual Assistant services: online and traditional businesses, large corporations and individuals. Word processing, telephone and email handling, technical tasks (such as scanning and web marketing) can all be handled by virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants work independently or as part of an organization that matches Virtual Assistants to clients’ requirements. Capital Typing is a reputable online outsource business, offering a complete range of office support solutions to clients nationwide and abroad. The highly experienced staff in our Secretarial Services and Office Administration Department is committed to providing superior virtual assistance services to all our clients, regardless of the size and scope of their administrative, secretarial or other office support needs. We make sure that all our Virtual Assistance services are delegated to qualified staff with the necessary training and experience in the tasks provided.

Our various departments often pool their resources to provide quality service to clients. Our Language Translation Department, for example, makes it possible for us to provide virtual assistance services in languages other than English. We are also able to train individual Virtual Assistants to take care of your special needs in French, German, Spanish, etc. In addition, we possess state-of-the-art-technology that enables us to provide all our clients’ technical needs in record time and at affordable prices.

Contact Capital Typing today. Together we will design a unique, personalized plan to meet your individual Virtual Assistance needs. We value all our clients and provide services to individuals, professionals, small businesses and large international corporations.

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