Understanding the Data Entry Consultation Process

A successful data entry project is all about understanding the data. There are three essential elements to this:

Sourcing the data. This means the way the data is organized at the start of the project. In many cases, this information is not known and it takes an experienced professional to research possible sources. But remember, a good source is not just about having the data but also having the data in an accessible way.

Now that we have identified exactly where the data will be coming from, or for example in a data entry project where the client provides the source data upfront, the next challenge becomes to understand the data. Understanding how it is organized in its source state so that we can develop the most efficient, reliable, and accurate way to extract that data. We don’t want to waste time or create confusion in any way. There must be perfect control so that the integrity of the data is maintained, and our clients will know they can trust the final results we produce.

Determining the ideal output content and format. Even the perfect data needs the right presentation format in order to achieve optimal effectiveness. We want to produce data that plays its proper function in your business process. It’s there for a reason and must be presented in a way that is easily accessible by your existing processes and any new processes that will be designed to make use of that data. 

Our job is to manage the data entry process from start to finish. We will design the project, to make smart use of the best personnel and the best tools for the job. This begins with understanding in a very clear way exactly what we have to begin with and what we need to produce so that the final data entry result will be exactly what you need in your business operations. 

A smart data entry consultant is the key to making this possible. We will sit with you and analyze your needs and the available data, and put our knowledge to work to design for you the best strategy with which we will leverage our technology, teams, and systems to make your data entry project a success.