Microcassette Transcription Services

In our oral history transcription work, we often deal with large volumes of microcassette transcription. We have the capability to digitize and optimize the sound quality of even recordings that are less than perfect, due to age, or other reasons. For clients who are looking to preserve their archives in a more reliable, digital format, while at the same time producing transcripts, we are ready to handle the whole operation for you. Ship the microcassettes to us for digitization and transcription; we’ll do the rest. Your digitized audio and transcripts will be stored in the cloud and your original microcassettes returned to you. 

If you are still doing recordings using a handheld recorder or other device that uses microcassettes, we recommend that you switch to a digital device. We would be happy to discuss your recording options with you, as no two projects are the same, but unless there’s no other alternative, we don’t recommend microcassette transcription, as the audio quality is usually not as good, and the cost of digitization can be avoided with a digital recorder.

For clients considering alternative options for making high-quality recordings, please also take a look at our Dictation Telephone Recording System, which allows any number of users to produce top-quality audio recordings of memos, phone calls, and conference calls, using just a phone to access our system.