Data Validation Services

For organizations that use data regularly in ongoing operations, such as mailing lists, calling lists, or other similar data-driven operations, data management is an important need to maintain operability and viability of the data you use.

Over time, people’s contact information changes. Data that was once reliable becomes inaccurate and outdated. This is why data validation is more than just something that takes place during the data entry process. It is also required on an ongoing basis to correct for any changes due to the data aging.

Ideally, the most efficient approach to data validation, whether we’re talking about the data cleansing process that is part of any data entry project, or ongoing updates to correct for changes that occur over time, involves interaction with the processes for which that data is being used. For this reason, we typically offer ongoing data maintenance and management for contact data, such as mailing lists, as part of a larger service offering, which also includes managing the marketing campaigns themselves. 

During the marketing campaign, we integrate automatic processes for data validation and self-validation by prospects, as well as other essential strategies for maintaining data accuracy with the lowest possible cost and use of resources.