Online Customer Support

Here at Capital Typing, we understand that friendly, knowledgeable, helpful customer support solutions can make a huge difference to the success of your company.

Our customer support outsourcing solutions deliver awesome customer experiences to your clients, presenting your company as a place that is organized, efficient, and reliable. We provide comprehensive customer support outsourcing solutions, including:

• Live Chat

• Email Support

• Social Media Engagement

• Help Desk, Technical Support, and more.

The art of exceptional customer support begins with understanding your customer’s needs, and the value your company delivers. Then we develop a conversation model, which turns the customer support experience into a replicable and manageable system to provide professional responses to support concerns, quickly and efficiently.

Our smarter customer support outsourcing solutions are designed to equip our professional support teams with well-defined, intelligently designed strategies, which cover every support scenario so that we are able to provide top-notch customer care. Our solutions are also fast to set up so that businesses that outsource their customer support functions to Capital Typing are able to fast-track the pace at which they introduce new offerings, new policies, or updated support strategies.