Foreign Language Transcription Services

We speak your language! Capital Typing provides certified transcription quality on transcription services in more than 50 languages (and the list keeps growing every day). All transcription is done by native speakers who are experienced and talented in the art of quality transcription. Our standard triple-pass quality assurance techniques always apply; so you can count on us for quality results.

As a leader in remote solutions, Capital Typing is proud to be on the vanguard of internationally available solutions, so the ability to provide our services in multiple languages is an important part of our mission. Each of our office support solutions—typing, transcription, data entry, research, administrative support, and more—is available in the most important languages of business today. We are also equipped to provide seamless integration of our language translation and business solutions, to help your organization reach the whole world.

To learn more about our translation and interpretation solutions, take a look at our language list. You can also us today to speak with a consultant about your unique business requirements, to find out how we can help. Thank you for your interest!