Insurance Transcription Services

Capital Typing delivers deep industry expertise for support of insurance claims investigators and other insurance processes requiring transcription services. Our insurance transcription services include several great added-value options, for a complete and comprehensive solution:

• File Management. A standard part of our transcription service is that your audio files and transcripts will be stored securely in the cloud, well organized, and collated for optimal business value and easy access.

• Dictation Telephone. Agents will be able to access our dictation line, for recording memos and notes, or for recording phone calls. This service is available 24/7, and 365 days a year, producing top quality recordings for a quick and convenient reference.

• Data Coding and Summarization. We can summarize and code the content of transcripts to make them easier to read and analyze. Insurance transcription templates are a great way to increase value to you, so that little or no additional processing of the completed transcript will be required. Coding can be configured to any requirements, including online databases, so our solutions are easily integrated with your existing operations and quickly adaptable in the event of future changes to your operational procedures.