Dictation Transcription Services

Using our proprietary Dictation Telephone Recording System, clients are able to call in and record memos any time, 24/7. You can use any phone to access the system. It is fast, easy to use, and the sound quality of the final recordings is always crystal clear. Many of our clients have praised this system as being the most reliable and convenient way they ever experienced for creating dictations. But of course, this is not meant to be a limitation; if you already have your own system for recording memos, such as a handheld recorder, we can easily work from those files, too (just upload them to our cloud file server using our convenient drop-box). 

For professionals who need to take notes throughout the day, the ability to record dictations and send them out for transcription saves a lot of time and effort. Dictation transcription is a regular part of our medical transcription service, but it has also been used in the insurance industry, by various types of quality assurance inspectors, and in countless other business settings. If you feel that dictation-transcription might be helpful in your line of work, contact us today. We are always eager to design new solutions to use dictation-transcription in a creative way, to make life easier for you.

Here are some more cool dictation-transcription ideas you may like.

Dictation to Email Service – This innovative service is a great way for busy people who are on the road to compose emails without having to touch a keyboard. Call the system, dictate the message, and let us know who it goes out to. We do the rest. This is a great tool for executives or any busy, active professional.

Personal Memo Service – For any creative professional, such as a writer, journalist, researcher, or anyone who works with ideas, our Dictation Transcription Services can serve as your personal memo taker throughout the day, 24/7.