Live Chat

Instant messaging and live chat solutions are a great way to provide your customers with real-time responsiveness that is for many users, and in many cases, much more convenient than picking up a phone. Live chat support is quick-access, just a click away, whenever you need it.

We have studied and designed many great best practices for using live chat and instant messaging in the business setting to serve clients better:

• Sales and marketing analysis, to integrate live chat into your various online sales funnels, such as your website and social media. 
• Support solutions for ongoing projects, to facilitate new orders, and to provide feedback and collaboration during projects.
• Administrative communication for billing, account management, and other non-sales support functions that customers want to have completed quickly and simply, without a fuss.

Our live chat support solutions include everything you need to get started quickly, including the software, and proven set-up strategies for fast launches and updates to procedures. We are equipped to deliver high-quality live chat support solutions as a stand-alone customer support process, or integrated within a larger support system, which includes comprehensive customer support solutions.