Email Response Support

In the modern world of digital business, email has become the go-to form of communication for many of the potential customers out there looking for the solutions your company provides. 

From the support perspective, communicating with customers via email provides unique opportunities to respond to their needs and establish the right kind of relationship to help them appreciate the value you bring to the table, and why your company is the right choice for their business.

Effective customer support outsourcing relies on a systematic approach to understanding support and developing custom response mechanisms. When it comes to email support, among the many advantages Capital Typing delivers are:

• Fast response times, averaging less than 20 minutes.
• Well-organized knowledge base, so that customer support teams are equipped to provide informative, truly helpful customer care that solves problems, meeting the customer where he or she is, and creating value.
• Driving the business relationship, whether it is a sale, support, or other scenarios, in a guided and purposeful manner, to achieve the goals of the company and the goals of the customer.
• Supporting and enhancing your brand message and identity through the tone and style of how customer care solutions are presented. 
• Smart tools and resources to facilitate fast organized responses and continuity of the customer care experience from the client-side.