Foreign Language Typing Services

At Capital Typing, we have created a system of business without borders. Our goal is to give our clients the ability to integrate their business process with any language, as needed. When you encounter documents written in a foreign language and you need it typed out in a searchable, digital format, we can take care of that foreign language typing service for you on demand.

We also provide language translation, foreign language transcription, administrative support (including bookkeeping and customer service), and other foreign language services, for a comprehensive business process outsourcing solution in over 100 languages.

With Capital Typing, you can have foreign language typing services available to each department in your organization, all authorized personnel, on-demand. Just send over the source files along with any instructions, and within one or two clicks, your order will be placed. Our services are always set up for easy, convenient access. We feel like just another department within your organization; foreign language typing services are just a click, just a message away, always.