Legal Translation Services

Language translation for legal professionals requires the highest levels of attention to detail and accuracy. The ability to capture the full, precise meaning of the source content, and present each nuance of meaning in the output, is essential. 

Our translators are trained in legal translation and understand how legal language is different from general translation work. 

In collaboration with our legal transcription services, and paralegal administrative support solutions, Capital Typing is equipped to provide our legal translation service clients with a turnkey, comprehensive solution that covers all the angles. Our goal is that when you deal with foreign language clients, witnesses, testimonies, and documents, you should be able to do your job without a hitch. The language barrier should not be a barrier. That’s why we’re here.

Our clients are able to count on us for a fully integrated and curated document management system, which integrates legal translation services on-demand, as needed. That means we build our services into the document management platform, so that language translation becomes easy to access whenever you need it, and documents in any language can be translated and integrated into your organization’s normal business processes quickly, conveniently.