Transcription Services

We offer a wide range of transcription services, including general transcription, corporate transcription, legal and medical transcription, and technical transcription across multiple industries. Smarter transcription means that our transcription services have the flexibility to meet you wherever you are, to become an integral part of your business process. 

In addition to the basic transcription service of typing out the content, we also offer great added-value solutions such as time stamping, indexing, tagging, summarization, and more. Our philosophy is all about delivering the greatest value to our clients, so you will discover that our transcription services are convenient, robust, and easy to use. 

Always human transcription, always the best quality—guaranteed—we are always flexible, reliable, and dependable, so that you know you can count on us to get the job done right, every time. 

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Types of Transcription – General, Medical, Legal, Corporate, Academic.

Presentation Formats – Interviews, Focus groups, Speeches/Sermons, Conference Calls, Dictation, Meetings, Web Conferences.

Audio/Video Media Sources – Podcasts, Webcasts, Video, Audio, Online, Text to Text, Microcassette.

Added-Value Services – Verbatim transcription, Indexing, Tagging, Timestamps, Proofreading & Editing, Summarization, Foreign Language Transcription, Translation Services, Premium Transcription.

Privacy & HIPAA Compliance – Proven best practices for privacy protection and data security.