Podcast Translation Services

You have worked hard to research and curate excellent content. You have produced your podcast recording and your audience is waiting for you. But what about the new prospective audiences out there, who speak a foreign language? With Capital Typing on your side, you can reach them too, and anyone who is interested in the material you have produced. Language is not a barrier. 

Our podcast translation services allow you to expand your reach to any market, any new listener, to build completely new audiences quickly and easily, using your existing material. 

At Capital Typing, our linguists are trained to capture the full meaning of your content and deliver it in well-written, impactful text in the target language. Our goal is to translate not just words, but every nuance of humor, excitement, technical expertise, and all the great value that your podcast delivers in its original language, to your new, foreign audiences. 

Our process begins with transcription in the original language, then translation to the target language. We also provide administrative support as needed, for example, if you need help updating your website to accommodate transcripts and translations, or for ongoing administrative support of loading new content onto your site.