Corporate Translation Services

Think of Capital Typing as your new foreign language translation department. As quick to access as an in-house team, but so much better, because we speak over 100 languages, and we have designed the world’s smartest language translation solutions. That means we are here on demand for small or high volume jobs, in any language, whenever you need it.

Our solutions are smarter because they are integrated into your organization’s business process, providing a seamless delivery and easy access for any type of language translation project. Translating a document is as simple as transferring a file, or sending an email. We are available 24/7, whenever you need support, ready to provide rush service, or special requests.

With Capital Typing, your organization can function as a global company, serving an international clientele, interacting with vendors and partners anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world. And with us, the process is easy. Onboarding new foreign language clients or customers? Expanding your operations into new markets? Working with new vendors who speak a different language? Managing compliance with foreign governments and legal requirements? We are here to help make the entire process smooth and easy.