Forms Processing

We are experts at data entry from forms, including surveys, questionnaires, applications, and every type of form. Because of how common this type of data entry is, we have developed custom solutions, aided by software, to make the process faster, easier, and more reliable.

Forms processing produces valuable data and insights, which require a big data approach to get the full value the data can bring to your business. Our forms processing data entry technology is designed not only for efficiency and reliability of the data entry process itself but also to present the data in customizable and easily understandable ways.

Our solutions are completely turnkey, including:

• Design, printing, and dissemination of paper-based forms.
• Design and hosting of online forms.
• Mailroom solutions to receive and collate completed paper-based surveys, questionnaires, etc.
• Digitization and indexing.
• Data entry.
• Delivery and presentation according to custom requirements, to ensure that the data is easy to use and understand, to inform your business process and support decision-makers.
• Ongoing data analysis and consultation to tweak and perfect the process over time, in consultation with the client.

Our knowledge and experience in the area of forms processing give us the ability to fast-track large volume data entry orders on-demand, as well as ongoing support. Deep industry experience across multiple verticals has given us the expertise to meet the needs of any project.