Verbatim Transcription Services

For projects that require every sound, including ums and ahs, false starts, stammering, pauses, and filler words, be sure to request verbatim transcription services. There are different levels of detail available, so we will be ready to speak with you about your project to find out exactly what your needs are. Whatever your requirements may be, we are ready to take care of them. We are used to dealing with special requests and we always impress our clients with top-notch work.

Verbatim transcription is popular among researchers, for example with focus groups, where crucial information may be contained in the smallest detail of a stammer, or a long pause. You may also be interested in our tagging services, or Jefferson transcription, which allows us to record even more details about the audio, such as inflection used by speakers. Transcription is a very robust and rich service; we’re experts in the field; so you can count on us to always be able to provide the best solution. We know what we’re doing!

Our standard service, for clients who do not require the depth of detail of verbatim transcription, is a little cheaper and is called semi-verbatim. Semi-verbatim transcription is still word for word accurate, but we remove the ums and ahs, stammering, and so on, to make the final transcript easier to read. Your preference will depend on how you intend to use the transcripts.