Handwritten Content Typing Services

We all enjoy the benefits of using a computer word-processor to type out our documents, rather than having to struggle with a pen and paper. There are a lot of great advantages, such as the ability to edit and share our work easily. But there are also many times where a lot of people prefer to use good old fashioned pen and paper to write down their ideas. 

For those who still enjoy writing things down, but who also want the benefits of an easily editable document, our handwritten content typing services allow you to quickly and easily digitize any of your handwritten content. We are here to help with:

• Personal notes.
• Journals.
• Handwritten manuscripts.
• Historical documents.
• Old records from before the digital age, and more.

At Capital Typing, we are proud to offer low cost, fast, efficient, and highly accurate handwritten content typing services for every need. We are able to provide a better value than other companies because we are smarter at how we go about planning our typing projects. We use the best technology, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and also other custom project management systems and best practices for producing the best results at the lowest possible cost.