Academic Transcription Services

For you, professors and students out there, who need smart help with research, getting all the material together, we are here to help. Top-quality, accurate, fast transcriptions, on-demand, can make your life a lot easier. Our goal is to free our clients up from the clerical tasks, so you can focus on the important analysis your project requires. Even very large research projects with huge amounts of audio data to process can be completed by our team in a relatively short timeframe, so you can get on to the important work of analyzing that data.

Academic transcription requires a smarter team. That’s what we’re all about. We will consult with you to understand exactly how you want to use the data so that we can format the transcripts in a way that optimizes value for your research project. Whether you need indexing, data tagging, or any other added value service, we have the experience and knowledge to make it work right. A lot of time and money can be wasted if the experience is lacking, so we hope you will trust our years of quality, high-level success in the field.

Make sure you let us know that your work is for academic purposes because there is a 5% academic discount, in addition to our already very competitive rates. We look forward to hearing from you!