Meeting Transcription Services

We have done a lot of minutes and meeting transcriptions and have found that each client has unique requirements and preferences about how they would like it done. One of the great things about our transcription services is that we are always flexible, always ready, and willing to create a new type of solution to meet any client’s specifications. That’s why we’re here—to provide the service you need so that your business can run the way you know it can!

Meeting transcription relies heavily on the added value service of summarization so that we can capture just the right level of detail (the sweet spot) that makes the final transcript easy to read and as informative as it needs to be. We consult with each new client to understand exactly how meeting transcription can play the most helpful role possible in their organization—and then we make it happen. 

Professionally formatted, accurate transcripts of your meetings will be a great business value and when you see how good we are at it, you’ll be glad you chose Capital Typing as your transcription service provider.