Interview Translation Services

Many professionals use interviews as a regular part of their everyday work—consultants, analysts, psychologists, researchers, insurance adjustors, and many more. At Capital Typing, we deliver comprehensive document management and support solutions, including transcription, data tagging/indexing, and language translation services. 

Our interview translation solutions are designed for smarter business—getting more done, with less work, and lower costs. Our linguists are highly trained language translation experts, well versed in a broad range of industry applications and specialized language. We will capture the full meaning of the original content and present it in the target language in a way that accurately represents tone, style, and context. 

Whenever your work calls for a precise, accurate record of every word that was spoken, our language translation services can be easily integrated into your workflow to make using our service easy. Our clients can order translation services for their interviews on-demand, in such a way that ordering doesn’t require an extra step or additional work on your end. We’ll take care of everything, from document management to transcription, to translation, and anything else you need us to do with the information afterwards.