Media Transcription

For busy media houses or any organization that deals with large volumes of media, we hope that you will turn to Capital Typing for all your transcription needs. We provide comprehensive media transcription services—television show transcription, radio show transcription, film and movie transcription, and more. 

For film-makers, we provide transcription support during the editing process, including tagging to note burned on video timestamps, so that our transcripts become a convenient reference for editors to use during their work. We also do full continuity scripting, which can include measured titles, shot descriptions, camera actions, and every single visual element of a film, transcribed into a document format. 

Media transcription services that are fast, affordable, and flexible are a great way for you to make your life easier. Partnering with a proven transcription provider who gets how important it is for the job to be done right and on time, every time, is priceless. Contact us today to discuss with a consultant how our solutions can meet your media transcription service needs.