History Transcription

We have extensive knowledge of transcribing audio and video for the preservation of oral history. We have worked with oral history museums and organizations around the world, and are capable of transcribing different accents, different dialects, different languages. Oral history transcription can be especially challenging because of these issues, but we have developed the skill and expertise over years of experience in the field.

Oral history researchers can also benefit from using our tools for interview recording—specifically the Dictation Telephone system, which is great for compiling oral history accounts from respondents that may be spread out geographically. We also have great tools for digitizing and optimizing audio quality on audio sources that may have been recorded before the digital era, for example on mini-cassette or standard cassette tapes, or other outdated media. 

When reviewing oral history transcription service providers, please also consider our expertise in data coding and processing, which can greatly aid your ability to analyze the final data product more effectively and easily. We will consult with you about your project at the start, to make sure we design the perfect solution for your needs.