Text to Text Transcription Services

We can translate just about any hardcopy printed content and manuscripts into digital transcripts. This approach allows our clients to store important data in a secure, easily shareable, accessible online repository. As the world completed the move from paper to digital storage, our text to text transcription services are a great resource to keep your organization on the cutting edge. 

Our solutions for text to text transcription make optimal use of a combination of machine-based (OCR) technology and human transcription. We also design and develop other tools as needed, depending on the requirements of the project. Experience has proven that the ability to design new systems specifically in response to your project, significantly improves cost savings and efficiency of our processes overall. We are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, which typically uses standardized systems and lacks the creative flexibility we bring to the table.   

Our text to text transcription service is ready for projects of just about any size, so contact us to speak with a sales representative about your project today. In the meantime, you may be interested to learn more about the following points as well:

Online Security – Every file, all the data we work with, is covered by the strictest security and privacy procedures and technology. 

Volume Discounts – For large scale digitization projects, or ongoing work, we offer huge discounts off our already low prices.