Webcast Transcription Services

There is a lot of great information becoming available over the internet—more every day—in the form of webcasts. Our webcast transcription services allow you to order transcripts of any webcast. Transcripts are a great tool for reviewing the content of a webcast more closely, or as a resource for collaboration, allowing a team to discuss and review the material more easily. 

Since webcasts are streamed live from the server where the content is hosted, as opposed to podcasts, which are provided as media files, it means that webcast audio or video isn’t available in a downloadable format, but we can help with that. There is a small additional fee, but we are able to record any online content (within the applicable laws). 

For creators of quality webcasts, our webcast transcription service is a great way to add value to an already great product. We also have a wide range of support services, which may interest you, including website content administration support, in addition to the basic transcription service. Contact us if you would like to learn more!