Mailing List Compilation

Mailing list compilation and maintenance are vital to the success of your direct mail marketing and email marketing efforts. Your marketing teams work hard to produce quality content to send out to prospective customers, but their work relies on the quality of the data they start with. This is where we come in, to ensure that your mailing lists are always accurate and reliable.

We provide the following key services in mailing list compilation data entry and management:

• Deduplication to ensure that each recipient is treated as a single contact so that the personal touch of your marketing content is not compromised by duplication.
• Validation of names and addresses through third-party validation.
• Organizing data into flexible, searchable, robust databases, so that mailing list data can be presented in any required format, to support mailing in different media, email, and also additional functions of contact data in your campaigns.
• Maintaining lists with ongoing updates, validations, and reviews.

By outsourcing your mailing list compilation and management to Outsourcing, you will free up your marketing team to focus on what they do best, which is marketing. Leave the mailing list to us and we’ll ensure that it is always updated and accurate so that your marketing efforts produce optimal results, and you never have to worry about the data entry details.