Ticket Management

A flexible, rules-based ticket system allows us to develop smart, custom solutions for each need, which may vary across departments, products, or according to any number of variables. Capital Typing customer support outsourcing solutions use ticket management customization as a way to reduce costs to you while maintaining a high degree of responsiveness and adaptability in how we process requests from your customers.

A well-built ticket management system from Capital Typing will integrate core features for convenience and efficient processing:

• A customizable and quick-access knowledge base.
• Canned responses.
• Escalation procedures.
• Rules-based processing and analysis of cases.
• Foreign language support integration.
• Integration of ticket management into a larger, multi-channel support system.
• And many more great features to enhance productivity, collaboration, and overall quality of the customer experience.

Traditionally, ticket support has been the standard for Software as a Service (SaaS) or large online applications, as part of a technical support or help desk solution. This is because ticket management easily accommodates large numbers of potential support issues, and ongoing concerns, which can easily occur in large or highly technical scenarios. We have the knowledge and expertise to implement such systems quickly and effectively, as well as using ticket management for other uses, to streamline support for any organization to serve its clients better.