Data Entry for Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is one of the core business functions, which most often requires ongoing data entry support for processing data from paper-based and third-party sources, to integrate it into a unified data management system. This is because bookkeeping deals with compliance requirements as well as integration requirements.

Our data entry, specialized for bookkeeping, includes:

• Transaction processing.
• Order processing.
• Receipt digitization and data entry.
• Bank reconciliation.
• Check and payment processing.

Capital Typing specializes in smart BPO solutions that leverage systems analysis and smart process methodologies. In bookkeeping data entry, the goal has been to isolate simple data entry tasks and then integrate them into the larger bookkeeping function. This modular approach to BPO has enabled us to produce the most efficient, scalable, and reliable solutions in the industry.

The result of this strategy of modular, targeted system design is that you can outsource any part of your data entry bookkeeping to us, and extend the scope of our service to you on-demand, as needed. We are poised to handle your entire bookkeeping operation or any small part of it, and can scale operations as needed to meet your requirements.