Speech & Sermon Transcription Services

In order to reach more audiences more effectively, motivational speakers, teachers, philosophers, political leaders, and religious teachers often produce audio and video recordings, as a resource. In addition to this, transcripts of the speeches can make the audio or video even more effective, for use as a study guide, or for deeper analysis, or for the hearing impaired.

We are proud to offer speech transcription and sermon transcription services and welcome the opportunity to translate your audio and video content to document form.

Smarter speech and sermon transcription means that we have studied the art of punctuating content designed for oral presentation so that it works well also as a document. We produce high quality transcripts that are easy to read and understand, conveying the meaning of the presentation with clarity and precision.

For sermon transcription, or any work that we do for a non-profit or ministry, there is always a 5% discount, so please remember to let us know.