PDF Scanning Services/PDF Conversion Services

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a way of formatting documents that allows them to be viewed and printed on different systems without changing the layout. PDF is the preferred way of distributing documents or publishing them to the web. It has become the most widely used format for legal, technical, and reference documents and for market research material.

Some of the advantages of scanning documents are:

• Data backup.
• Preserving data against quality degradation (scanning captures the image of information contained in documents, drawings, and micro-formats, and the scan will not degrade).
• Data distribution (it is easy to distribute scanned information internally on networks and externally via email, etc.).
• Accessibility (scanned information can be made available on a computer network for viewing, searching, and printing).
• Data is both safe and accessible in PDF format.

There are three PDF formats: PDF formatted text (text remains editable after scanning and graphics; PDF searchable image (scanned data is used only for searching); and PDF image only. The expert data project managers at Capital Typing, a nationally acclaimed data entry, and market research outsource company, will be happy to help you determine which one of these three PDF formats would best suit your PDF scanning needs.

Paper documents, digital files, microfiche, and microfilm can all be scanned, then converted to PDF format. PDF documents can be easily retrieved using the free Adobe Reader software, and its search facility makes it simple to search entire directories for data. Text file conversion into PDF formats is therefore very useful for marketing research services. PDF scanning and PDF conversion services are used for financial documentation, technical documentation, and HR applications and Research material.

Capital Typing’s Data Entry Services and Market Research department will provide all your PDF scanning and PDF conversion needs. Text file scans and text file conversions can be returned to the client on CD Rom that can easily be configured for network access or local CD-based access.

Capital Typing is more than an average data entry and marketing research company. We are a leading outsourcing company providing a complete range of office support solutions. Data entry, data scanning, and document conversion are just a few of the many services we offer businesses seeking data accuracy, rapid service, and affordability. Continue to browse our website to learn how our various office support solution services can work together to meet all your market research, direct mailing, data entry, or simpler paper-to- electronic- format data conversion needs. Or contact our Data Entry Services and Market Research department today and talk to one of our dedicated professional data project managers.