Focus Group Transcription Services

Market research professionals and companies, political campaigns, and many others find themselves increasingly relying on the vital data provided by focus groups. Focus groups are a great way to find out what target demographics are thinking. Our smarter focus group transcription service is based on an understanding of the role that this research plays in the bigger process, so that we know how to format our transcripts to be of optimal value to you.

The flexibility of a smarter transcription service allows us to consult with our clients to quickly and easily come up with custom transcription solutions. So if you have a unique project that will require special attention and thought, you’ve found the perfect transcription service right here. Our added value services such as data tagging, indexing, and summarization play an important role in making the data more accessible and meaningful to your work, but most of all, what’s vital is the smarter team and philosophy we have here at Capital Typing, which is all about finding solutions that work, to make our clients’ lives easier. Contact us today!