Legal Transcription Services

In the legal profession, perhaps more than any other, precision and accuracy are vitally important. Every word must be correct. Even the smallest error can be a serious problem. Our legal transcriptionist team has the knowledge and skill you can always rely on for quality results. We have an unbeatable accuracy quality guarantee. We also encourage you to consider our premium transcription service, which is a unique approach, guaranteeing 99.99% word for word accuracy. As far as we know, Capital Typing is the only company in the world providing this type of premium service.

We are experienced in legal language and procedures, so we know how to produce transcripts that will become valuable resources for your legal team. For example, our indexing added value service is often used to keep track of exhibits and other notable points in a trial. Furthermore, our smarter legal transcription service is always customizable to your unique needs. No two projects are the same, so it helps to have a smart, experienced team on your side to make sure the work is done right.