Medical Transcription Services

We have deep experience providing transcription services for the medical industry. Our medical transcriptionists possess expertise in technical language for a wide range of medical specializations. We proudly serve all types of medical clients, from small clinics and individual doctor’s offices to large hospitals.

Smarter medical transcription services mean that here at Capital Typing, we have the tools and the industry knowledge to provide solutions that meet your needs exactly. We know that you already have a complex operation in place, designed to provide the best services to your patients, in the most effective and efficient way. We are here to help. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily our transcription services become an integral part of your operations. Here are a few key value points that our medical clients enjoy:

• Fast turnarounds. Our most popular service is next morning, which means that all your dictations up until midnight today will be transcribed by 9 am tomorrow morning. But we also have a faster service if you need it – same day, STAT transcription.

• Telephone dictation service. This great tool allows doctors to record their dictations using any cell or regular telephone, basically turning your phone into a handheld recording device. Clients can have as many users as they need accessing the system (simultaneously if needed). All the recordings come straight to us, so it’s easy and fast.

• If you prefer using your handheld recording device, you can still use that instead of our telephone dictation tool. Files can be uploaded through our convenient online drop-box any time, day or night.

• Document management. This is a huge added value for medical clients because we keep track of all your files. Any number of doctors, any number of transcripts—all production files are always neatly organized and easily accessible in our secure online database.