Foreign Language Customer Support

As a leading provider of foreign language translation services, Capital Typing emphasizes the integration of foreign language solutions into the larger business process, including administration, back end clerical functions, and customer support. 

Our goal is to give your organization global access by removing language barriers. To access international markets and foreign language speaking populations, we integrate foreign language translation into your customer support strategy. This includes:

• Email support.
• Ticket management.
• Live chat.
• Social media, and more.

Our approach to foreign language customer support is to build collaboration with linguists into our collaboration and escalation processes for how we handle care to your customers. Knowledge bases, canned responses, and all the technology we use to provide solutions are available in foreign languages through the collaboration function. In this way, foreign language speaking customers are able to access the exact same quality of support and responsiveness as always.

Foreign language customer support is part of an overall initiative at Capital Typing to deliver to our clients business without borders—a fully integrated language business support system, which allows your company to function optimally in any market, internationally, with partners and customers from around the world.